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Need Input On How To Setup Your Elevator Pitch.


Is your Elevator Pitch locked up? You have to let it out, you know! Hello, and welcome to the Virtual Competitions, new elevator pitch event. Your pitch needs to be free; it has to breathe and meet new people to make things happen for you.

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Did you know it takes more than just a great pitch to get your ideas out there? It takes a story, a small but effective reality show.

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Our events are ongoing, meaning it will appear each month in our calendar, showcasing men and women that have some really great ideas for new products and businesses they feel the world needs now.

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You will have 30 seconds maybe 60 to get your idea out there. On our platform, these ideas will be voted on by you the public, and the winners of that month will be handed off to investors for their consideration.

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How Will You Know When Your Ready Because

Ideas Stay Right Where They Are Until You Let Them Out


Our platform gives you the ability to accomplish all of this, but it is up to you to take the first steps. Good Luck!


First, every good idea has a story of how it came about. Second, the idea has a storyteller that people would love to meet. Third, the people hearing your story have to like you and believe in you.


If you are asking that question, the answer is yes. However, there is always money for good ideas. Following these rules will help.


You feel you have a great idea, but if you tell someone, they may steal it. Can that happen, yes; however, it does not happen very often, and the alternative is more painful of never having tried.

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