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“A bartender is just a want to be pharmacist ”


Bartenders are the un-song heroes of the night. Do you have a story to tell and need an ear to listen?

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This is not a platform for people that just pour drinks. Here we cater to the entertainer, the mixologist, and the magic that is performed when pouring and people are watching.

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Bartenders know how to display the tools of their trade. It is all about Bling, Color, Shapes, Bottles, and more.

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A bartender with personality and a great memory brings customers back and has them staying longer at their favorite water hole.

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Want To Be A Bartender? This Section Is Called School.

How to Succeed as a Bartender?

These are just five of the many crucial qualities which will help you find success as an excellent bartender.

An Eagerness to Learn New Things

One of the amazing things about having a career in bartending is that you’re always learning.

Friendliness in Serving and Engaging with Customers

Customers are the number one priority. So as well as looking smart and stylish, you should be friendly, approachable, and confident.

Teamwork to Create an Efficient Work Environment

Being willing to listen to others and acknowledging their ideas is an essential quality of bartending and benefits both parties.

Organization to Ensure Swift Service

Know who made which orders, keep the bar area clean and safe, and quickly restock when the bottles behind the bar begin to get low.

Patience When Faced With Lots of Customers

Help customers by serving them the right drinks and providing them with options to help them figure out what they want to order.

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