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Students belonging to schools will compete to win all kinds of prizes provided by school owners and advertisers. Prizes can be Vacations, Trophies, Medals, or Crypto Currencies.

School Owners will decide on how they would like to judge the events they create. School owners can use actual Judges to find the best overall competitors by giving the Judges they chose a unique code. Our software will recognize this code. The second method owners can use is what we call social media voting by using star votes and views. Here the students that receive the most star votes and views will be the winners. Competitions are one month long, beginning on the first and ending on the 25th. With results posted automatically soon after. All videos are viewed in 3D theaters that can post immediately to social media tabulate ranking and voting scores. Winners will enter the schools' Hall Of Fame for all to see. Prizes will be award by mail or in classes by school owners. Social Media will be used throughout the month to keep your friends and family members up to date on your progress. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Come join our family on a platform designed just for you.

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