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Read For A Part In A Movie





Read for supporting roll
Read for lead part
Create a scene by reading with friends and family
Create a storyboards


Dear TimeMaster Enthusiasts, here are 3 screenplays, a trilogy for you to read and possibly partner in. I have no way of knowing how these movies will get made only that they will. The screenplays came about in what I have to say was unusual. You see I am not a writer. However, I have 3 screenplays that have gone through coverage and have passed. For many years, I have been getting up at 5am to find myself learning how to write and format a screenplay for the purpose of telling these stories. Each story carries with it a hint of the Urantia Book, Names, Universe Places, Jesus Wisdom all mixed into a Martial Arts myth of a Shaolin Monk named Bodhidharma. Artist, Gary Tonge, has agreed to allow me to use his video on my website where you will find the 3 screenplays along with loglines and synopsis for each. no sign-in is necessary to enjoy the read. God Bless. I guess this is my way of getting the word out.
Ron Tramontano

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