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Dancy Monkey Contest

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Dancy Monkey Children
Dance Monkey Choreograph
Dance Monkey Kid
Dance Monkey, Dance Off


Hey, Boys and Girls, this event will be the talk, of the year. Dance Monkey has grown to be a choreographer's dream song. That's why we here at Virtual Competitions will pursue Dream Monkey in a monthly promotional contest. Our goal is to find the best choreographers in the business. Here is how it works. Starting October 1, 2020, and moving forward, the same contest will run each month, finding the best choreographer and dance groups. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each month's competition, with all winners of each month drawn to a Super Extravaganza to be announced at a future date. Here is some instruction: Anyone can join you don't have to be a choreographer. However, you can create your own video to see if you possess the magic it takes to do this. Go on YouTube and search choreographers for the song Dance Monkey. Once you have made your picks enter the contest and submit to any of the following categories: single Dancer, Dance Group, Kid, or Children. You can submit one video for each category. Please note that duplicate URL can not be submitted, meaning if someone gets to that video before you do, our software will not allow you to enter the URL. Https:// Check the calendar.

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Ph.D. John Neumann, Dr. Ron Valli, Professor Georgia Justus, Robert Monprode, Bruce Weber, Michael Daszkal BBA, Andy Lipman