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September Martial Arts Extravaganza



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How many schools do you have in a federation, organization, or association you belong to?

Let's get them all together for some serious fun. We are promoting the HELL out of this by giving each school $100.00 to join in with their students to what will surely be a Martial Arts Extravaganza this coming September, first. But don't wait, there is work to do. Set up your school by making it a showplace with your logo, photos, videos, and, most importantly, your story. In October, it all happens again for Dance Schools.

Are you a martial arts school owner? If you are, this message is for you. How many students do you have? I'm asking because I want to "absolutely" guarantee you the amount of money you will make on your first event with me. It's example time. Let's say you have ten students. You will earn $100 plus another $100 for believing in me, two hundred total. Okay, hold on, one more example. Let's say you have 50 students. Now you earn $500 plus another $100 for believing in me. Not bad, right. Here is the magic formula for (SECOND EVENT) Number of Students x Entry Fee. The same 50 students that participated in the first event now pay you $1000 for an Entry Fee you set as $20. Etc. Remember, this can be a tournament, fundraiser, charity event, or contest. Here is the terrible part you must invest $49.95, a one-time price, to receive this opportunity. And in this one action lyes the "believing in me" part. Hi, I'm Ron Tramontano, and if you know me, you know this offer is golden. Contact me
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School Information:
All schools provide prizes to the winners of their school.

Single School Events See Below:

Your event will be all automatic, at the end of the event, you will be presented with 3 winners.

Schools Running MULTI school events: See Below.

All school owners must read Understanding how we find the Grand Champion in a multiple school event. This article can be found in the SCHOOL OWNERS ADMIN and accessed from the (DASHBOARD) "Under the title of "information by SUPER ADMIN) Green Tab.

Competitor Information:
Instructions for submitting an entry:  You are able to enter into as many or as few of the above categories as you choose. Each category is entered with its own YouTube Video. Each video should be no longer than 4 minutes and of high quality. Please note: Entries are all submitted as a YouTube URL..)


Virtual Competitions, Inc.

Advisory Board

Ph.D. John Neumann, Dr. Ron Valli, Professor Georgia Justus, Robert Monprode, Bruce Weber, Michael Daszkal BBA, Andy Lipman