School owners here is the side hustle you have been looking for. This Is easy to do with large returns both in income and school growth.

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So you're a Competitor and would like to compete in this event; however, your school is not a registered member of The Virtual Competitions. Easy to fix! Copy the information below and bring it to your school. After reading the information, we know your school will choose to join our network of hundreds of other schools. 

You are able to enter into as many or as few of the above categories as you choose. Each Category is entered with its own YouTube Video. Each video should be no longer than 4 minutes and of high quality. Please note: Entries are all submitted as a YouTube URL.

School Owner Information.

Are you a martial arts school owner? If you are, this message is for you. How many students do you have? I'm asking because I want to "absolutely" guarantee you the amount of money you will make on your first event with me. It's example time. Let's say you have ten students. You will earn $170 plus another $100 for believing in me, $270 total. Okay, hold on, one more example. Let's say you have 50 students. Now you earn $850 plus another $100 for believing in me. Not bad, right. Here is the magic formula for (SECOND EVENT) Number of Students x Entry Fee. The same 50 students that participated in the first event now pay you $1250 for an Entry Fee you set as $25. Etc. Remember, this can be a tournament, fundraiser, charity event, or contest. Here is the terrible part you must invest $49.95, a one-time price, to receive this opportunity. And in this one action lyes the "believing in me" part. Hi, I'm Ron Tramontano, and if you know me, you know this offer is golden.

Hello, my name is Ron Tramontano; I am the President of Virtual Connect, also known as Virtual Competitions Online. Welcome to the second launch of our Virtual Connect Platform. Do you remember the first launch at the MGM in Las Vegas? What a great response to an idea that has long been the dream of school owners everywhere. Competitions anywhere with anyone on the internet. Today, we are coming to you with a new "super-powerful software design" also a new "look, touch, and feel " All this, for what it is you do.

Our Platform will be made available to school owners for a limited time only for the low price of $49,95. Don't hesitate; jump on this! We expect you to put it through its paces to see if it can do everything, we say it can, and we say it can do a lot. Run events, fundraisers, competitions, charity events for your schools or associations. We hope while using our Platform; you will beat it up hard and make it do everything you think a platform like this should do. You can see there is nothing to lose here, only to gain.

If you talk to any school owner and ask them to talk to you about the biggest challenges they face in running their school, they will respond with the big three.

1. Cash Flow
2. Student Acquisitions
3. Social Media Marketing

The Big Three.

I have owned my school in Boca Raton, Florida, since 1986. Ever since the internet came into being, I have been working on solving the big three. Today, I am happy to say I am prepared to show you the puzzle and what it looks like in its completed form. Let's get started.

Cash flow, the first of the big three, we solved this by giving you so many ways of making money.

First: Entry Fees for events you create are paid directly into your PayPal account by competitors and are one hundred percent yours.

Second: Our rotating Banner Ads are used to sell to businesses in your community that would like access to your client list.

Third: Now, you can run an online school for your students and anyone who knows of you. These students can be located anywhere in the world and can join and train with you. These students pay a monthly subscription fee right into your PayPal account, extending your schools' reach to the world.

Second of the big three, Student Acquisition: We solved this by giving you a guaranteed solution to finding new clients by providing you with a platform that automatically generates reports within your admin. Friends of your students that voted for them in each event will provide you with ongoing leads each month.

Social Media Marketing: The third of the big three. This was solved by giving you something so unique, a WOW factor, so to speak, a must-see, and the ability to share to Facebook, Twitter, TiK Tok and Instagram, 3D theaters. We plan to have Companies that do business internationally create our theaters. Companies like Sony, Apple, Microsoft, LG, Facebook, and Amazon build our 3D theaters. But wait, there is more! We all have heard of ZOOM! Now let me introduce you to Excalibur! Excalibur V.C.O. and Excalibur Stream. For a limited time, we are providing each and every school owner that picks up our $49.95 launch with our own communications platform that rivals zoom in so many ways.

Now that you understand how our Platform work and how we have solved the big three, let's give you an idea of how the Virtual Competitions Platform works for you every day.

This is NOT a Replacement for your Website; it is the extra business you have always wanted to add inside your school that will bring in that extra income each month. Use this whenever you need extra cash in your school. Virtual Competitions new online Platform has everything built right inside its software. Lead generation, "built-in." Social Media, "built-in." Influencers "built-in." School and training area, "built-in." CRM "built-in. Our Platform comes to you for a special one time low price of $49.95. This price will go up quickly.

You will be able to run for your school or bring your whole organization together for any of the following. Competitions, Tournaments, Fundraisers, Charity Events, Concertand Challenges for Organizations and Schools that can compete in all kinds of local and international events.

Here is what an event looks like.

1. Owners will create an event that can have up to four categories of competitions and challenges in a month of the owners' choosing. Competitions and challenges can run for any lenth of time the owner chooses.

Competitions and challenges can be for your school alone. You may want to invite other schools and businesses that do what you do to join your event by sending emails and posting to Tic Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

3. In your back office, you will create the challenges and set your entry fees as you build your events.

4. Decide how you would like to judge your events. You can use actual Judges people you choose to oversee the event. This will assure you of finding the best overall competitors or using what we call social media voting by using star votes and views.

Let's move on to our next topic. What videos submitted to a competition by a competitor should look like.

1. High-quality HD Videos, not longer than four minutes.

2. Competitors should present themselves, name, age, and explain how they plan to meet their challenges.

3. School owners should work with students' confidence level by making small adjustments to tonality, gate, volume, eye focus, etc. Parents will appreciate this kind of instruction.

4. I have designed our Platform to have the least amount of work possible for a school owner. However, the only way you will know this for sure is to try it.

Remember, we are here 24 7 to help you make your first online event a success.

Virtual Competitions, Inc.

Advisory Board

Dr. John Neumann, Dr. Ron Valli, Professor Georgia Justus, Robert Monprode, Bruce Weber, Michael Daszkal BBA, Andy Lipman