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Every so often we like to run events like contests, fundraisers, and charity affairs. Winners of these contests get great exposure from binging hosted in our theaters and having the world vote on their artwork. Fame and fortune can be yours. Join us.

Exposure is what you get on this
Accelerator in so many ways. Top
NFT digital art, Video presentation
the ability to sponsor contests,
fundraisers, charity events, and

What makes a community of NFT enthuses want to participate in a video-hosted portal that can spotlight their collections. one-of-a-kind originals and special additions?

Here is the quick answer. Video the number one marketing tool to bring anything to market is now available to you in a way never before used to market anything never-the-less NFTs.

On "NFTAcceleorator" your collections and originals will be shown in theaters for the world to vote on. Test them right here before the expense of large GAS fees. With great analytics, you will know what everyone is thinking. Present your team in videos as you document the creations. Bring on guest speakers to interact with your followers. Run contests, fundraisers, and charity events. Prizes can be Cryptocurrency, NFTs, or Badges you create for your Collections and Originals. The community is one of mutual respect and helping hands.

Virtual Competitions, Inc.

Advisory Board

Ph.D. John Neumann, Dr. Ron Valli, Professor Georgia Justus, Robert Monprode, Bruce Weber, Michael Daszkal BBA, Andy Lipman