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2021 Music Awards








Hiphop Song


Music School Owners and Teachers, Virtual Competitions Online has a home for you to run classes, make a living, or compete. Want to know more go to Email me at: If you need help: Let's set a time to talk. I can walk you through our platform.

Songwriters, musicians it takes more than just great lyrics to get your song out there. It takes a story, a small but effective reality show. Virtual Competitions New Online Platform can give you in a small, less than five-minute video an opportunity for people to see you, and get to know a little about you and your story. Then let them hear your music while the world votes and shares your creation. Let the world tell you if you have the magic and lyrics to make it in the big time. Our SongWriter Awards will start January first, 2021 thru December 2021. An entry fee of $35 is required for all competitors.

There are two things you can do here on our platform, one is to compete on this music/songwriter site, or you can build your own music/songwriter platform by going here. register as a School Owner we will give you all the help you need to build your own platform. Sit back and watch the reviews and comments poor in.

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Ph.D. John Neumann, Dr. Ron Valli, Professor Georgia Justus, Robert Monprode, Bruce Weber, Michael Daszkal BBA, Andy Lipman