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Hello Visitor

Welcome to the Virtual Competitions Online Mega Platform. Here you can watch a great video of friends and family participating in school events, competitions, tournaments, and fundraisers.

Please fill out our visitor registration form to be able to vote for that special student. Registered visitors can give that special student the maximum amount of votes while visitors that do not register will only be able to provide the minimum vote. Please interact with social media for the students you are visiting and take advantage of participating advertisers. Please enjoy yourself while visiting us here at Virtual Competitions Online.

Judging on this website will be done by the following:

I will explain the three methods of voting here on Virtual Competitions Online Platform. The first way, "all visitors will use this way only". Accumulated Star Votes and Views: Registered Visitors may view videos and award up to five-star votes per video. If a video is viewed by an unregistered visitor the video will receive only half of a star vote. example, 20 views = 10 stars.

Our second method of voting is where Business Owners looking to find the best overall competitors may designate in their events a number of judges. These judges will receive a special login code that when used, will provide the software with the ability to find the best competitors.

Our third way is a combination of both Accumulated Star Voting an Actual judges. Thank you for listening...